Active stakeholders are looking for your solution.

VELOCITY puts you in front of 5,700+ active stakeholders.  It’s the only Joint Branch Connector that lists your company directly in the platform the DOD uses to manage innovation.

How it works

How it works

List your solution where federal agencies innovate

The Air Force, Space Force, Navy, Army National Guard, Air National Guard and other federal agencies use the VISION Joint Innovation System to manage their initiatives. VELOCITY is the ONLY “vendor marketplace” accessible directly in VISION.

Exclusive access to industry leaders

Standard VELOCITY members have access to exclusive monthly AMAs with industry leaders, relevant experts, and the VELOCITY team.

Stakeholders contact you

VELOCITY flips the script.  Instead of you reaching out to them, they reach out to you.  This gets your listing in front of government teams while protecting them from spam.

With multiple contracts under our belt, we know how hard it is to land a government award.

You need stakeholders, and you need them FAST.

Events, Cold Emails, and LinkedIn DMs are the old way of getting stakeholders.

It’s YOU reaching out to THEM with fingers crossed, hoping for a positive response.

We’ve been there, and we know how difficult it is.

That’s why we flipped the script by creating VELOCITY - a revolutionary new way for industry to connect to active stakeholders.

With VELOCITY, they come to you.

Who uses VELOCITY?

These are the industry types represented in the VELOCITY marketplace.

3D Printing & Fabrication
Additive Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence
Battle Management
Combat Arms
Cyber Security
Data & Analytics
Human Systems
Healthcare & Biotechnology
Energy & Power
Machine Learning
Medical Technology
Mobile Application
Turbo Machinery
Vehicle Technology
Weapon Systems
Web Applications

Active Stakeholders Are Looking For Your Solution

Get a competitive advantage with VELOCITY

List your company
Create your product listing in the Joint Innovation System marketplace used by 4,000+ Government Stakeholders
Access to exclusive monthly AMAs with industry leaders and relevant experts
Get a competitive advantage
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Everything in Essentials plus:
1:1 Messaging and profile setup call (align directly with operational imperatives and active technology types)
See where innovation money is being spent - a custom report showing which companies are spending the most in your industry.
Standard Annual
Everything in Standard plus:
18% discount

Still have questions?

Get answers from the VELOCITY team by scheduling a call.

Headshot of Jade Baranski, Co-founder and CEO of Mobilize

A Note From Co-Founder and CEO Jade Baranski

Over 5,700 ACTIVE stakeholders are looking for your solution.

Most small businesses wanting to work with the DOD rely on:

  • LinkedIn
  • Cold emails
  • Post-event shuffle (but they PROMISED to follow up!)

VELOCITY is a better way to be seen.

The Air Force, Space Force, Navy, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard are using the VELOCITY Connector in the VISION – Joint Innovation System to:

  • Search for technology to match their current requirements
  • Engage with emerging solutions to align SBIR/STTR support
  • Reach out to collaborate and discuss contracting opportunities

Across government agencies, the innovation mindset is shifting toward collaboration and strategic transparency.

They are looking for you.

Be found with VELOCITY.

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